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Generic User Modeling for Adaptive Assessment Systems

Alexander Heimbuch
Christian Saul
Dr.-Ing. Heinz- Dietrich Wuttke
Date of publication
Personalization is becoming a crucial factor in many areas of life including education. Currently, established e-learning systems mostly neglect the potential of user-specific adaptations such as optimized user orientation, sequencing or presentation by not considering an (appropriate) user model. But, a user model is the crucial factor how good and accurate the adaptations work. For that reason, this paper presents a generic approach for user modeling in the context of Adaptive Assessment Systems (AASs). The approach (1) enables recording
skills and user characteristics, and the derivation of adaptable parameters; (2) allows incorporating additional parameters to determine specific properties and (3) ensures the interoperability through the use of established standards and specifications. In order to be generic and flexible in configuration, the overlay approach was used in combination with Bayesian networks. In addition, the interoperability of the approach is ensured through the use of the IMS LIP specification. Finally, the implementation of the approach is demonstrated in the AAS askme!. The work presented in this paper contributes to accurate characterizations of users, which in
turn allows adequate levels of adaptability to reflect the real intelligence of an e-learning system.
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