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Practice beats theory

We don't settle for theoretical proofs and paper work. Our mission is to proof the results of our research in practice. Our practical experience comprises Linux, C++, Java, networking as well as VHDL and embedded programming. The group maintains several labs to implement and test wired and wireless systems as well as embedded systems build from a mix of HW and SW components.

Communication systems

The main focus of our research is devoted to communication systems and networks:

  • Self-organization in mobile communication systems
  • Cognitive Radio Networking
  • Future Internet architectures and protocols
  • Mobility management and Quality-of-Service
  • UAV-based communication platforms
  • Communication in the Smart Grid

The main expertise of the group is in layer 2 and 3 protocols for wired and wireless systems, esp. routing, mobility management, Quality-of-Service and MAC protocols.

HW/SW systems

Our expertise is complemented by research in embedded systems:

  • system-on-chip design including embedded Linux on FPGAs
  • embedded systems design and implementation
  • testing based on boundary scan methods.

Online Engineering

Our students should profit from modern methods for knowledge acquisition. We develop Internet-based teaching modules and remote laboratories supporting E-Learning of HW/SW system development.