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Aufbau einer nachhaltigen IT-Portfolioplanung und eines IT-Kostenmodells als Basis für die strategische und operative Steuerung des IT-Bereiches

Kind of work:
Diploma Thesis
Dr.-Ing. Heinz- Dietrich Wuttke
Markus Ehle
Intention oft this thesis was to research and summarize current findings in IT-Portfolio Management theories to build up the basics for a viable IT-Portfolio Management at Audi Hungaria Motors Kft. This should fulfill the tasks to carry the corporate IT strategy into the projects and provide a transparent overview over scheduling, authorizing and implementing IT projects. During the research it got obvious the balance between completeness and viability is crucial to the success and acceptance of the Portfolio Management process. Starting at the KPI based project assessment up to the final implementation of the Portfolio Management process, the adjustment to the needs of the company is indispensable. Therefore an IT project specific, cause-impact-based KPI system was designed to assess every new project based on a uniform system and check its resource usage and impact on the company. The aggregation of simple user inputs to KPIs, to KPI Clusters and finally to a complete project benchmark had to be adapted to the nature of ex-ante project assessment. Estimated values and other user input data contain errors, which can be partially modeled with the fuzzy set theory. Finally the thesis describes an example how to implement the Portfolio Management Process into the IT-Department via Portfolio management Team. Fundamental process steps are described and tasks of the Portfolio Management Team are specified.