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Structuring, Modularization and Reuse of barrier-free e-learning information

Kind of work:
Diploma Thesis
Dr.-Ing. Heinz- Dietrich Wuttke
Stefan Kropf
Introduction of accessible hypertext based learning information is realisable offhand and today’s state
of the art. Accessibility can be guaranteed, if the limits of capacity for processing information of the working
memory and freely accessible standards5 are considered during the production process.
When learning information will be mapped in special learning object standards, we speak about Reusable Learning Objects. These Reusable Learning Objects can be reused in different learning management systems in an easy way.
Focus of the thesis is the combination of both topics – Accessibility and Reusable Learning Objects. The following
questions will be answered among other things.
What are Accessible Reusable Learning Objects?
Which specifications are qualified for a mapping?
How could the mapping being shaped and realised?
Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)
In the thesis it will be derived that structuring and modularization are central tools to increase the
probability of reuse and accessibility.Basic types of modules will be suggested, what assures a high degree of accessibility on the one hand and just simplify updates and
reuse processes on the other hand.
By implementing of the accessibility, the use of learning object standards and the use of basic types of modules it will be shown, how structuring, modularization and reusing of accessible learning informations could be realised independently by the author.
Keywords: mapped learning information,learning object, reusable learning object (RLO), learning object standard, accessible reusable learning object (ARLO), accessibility,
modularisation, structuring,reuse, probability of reuse, tree of structure.