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Microprocessor based embedded system test

Kind of work:
Diploma Thesis
Dr.-Ing. Heinz- Dietrich Wuttke
Martin Instenberg
Today, embedded systems can be found in nearly all electronic devices, ranging from digital watches to systems for controlling of nuclear powerplants. Their designs are highly optimized for their specific task. Rapid advances in deep submicron and nanometer technologies, as well as in design automation are enabling engineers to design more complex digital systems.
However, with this increase in systems complexity the probability of manufacturing failures will also grow. Testing of embedded systems gets more and more important in order to provide a certain level of product quality. Manufacturers of embedded systems demand for new test
solutions that provide a high fault coverage at minmal test costs. This implies a high degree of test automation and the waiving of expensive test equipment usage. In this thesis a new approach for testing of embedded systems is presented. It is based on the development and execution of test programs that allow testing of the different system components and is hence called microprocessor-based embedded system test. The approach is elaborately analyzed and solutions for the generation and execution of test programs are presented. Additionally, the usage of debug features and debug access standards in microprocessor-based embedded system testing is discussed. Experiments with real hardware (descriptions) nally prove the feasibility of the approach.