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Rapid Application Development for Reusable Learning Objects - eine standardkonforme Entwicklungsumgebung für interaktive Lernobjekte

Kind of work:
Diploma Thesis
Dr.-Ing. Heinz- Dietrich Wuttke
Jörg Wunderlich
E-learning environments complete conventional teaching methodologies by supporting learners with appropriate infrastructures to learn in a self dependent and self determined manner. In a way, they are an integral part of a new learning culture where learners individually take action to expand their knowledge and accept responsibility to meet their learning objectives. Offerings with interactive content are considered to be an ideal type of E-learning environments. Through interaction and immediate feedback such learning environments can take the learners's preferences and capabibilities as well as their progress into consideration to empower them to learn more efficiently and with greater success.

While interactive offerings may offer added value to both, learners and teaching staff, the costs involved in the production of interactive content are significantly higher compared to conventional static content. If interactive content is utilized in formal education, and if it is to which degree, is therefore mainly influenced by financial considerations. Thus, there is a need for viable concepts to develop and maintain interactive resources more efficiently.

This thesis introduces a holistic approach towards a web-based development environment for interactive and reusable learning objects. The core objective of this approach is to create appropriate authoring tools and collaborative workflows to produce, administer and maintain interactive learning resources in a more efficient manner. The proposed solution is based on core concepts of current learning content management systems, yet tries to overcome their limitations by utilizing an alternative, more powerful modelling language to produce interactive content.

The outcome of this thesis is a hybrid solution between a conventional development environment and a modern learning content management system; a solution that combines the unique characteristics of both systems. The proposed solution is a web application built on collaborative workflows that provides all tools necessary to produce and maintain interactive content.