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IT infrastructure to suppuort the student life cycle

Kind of work:
Diploma Thesis
Dr.-Ing. Heinz- Dietrich Wuttke
Katy Schwabe
At the Technical University Ilmenau it is currently analyzed how the "Student Lifecycle" can be supported by information services. Therefore there are numerous sources of information on the main website of the University, but also on the websites of the faculties and subject areas. The information on these sites range from organizational notes to study-related documents and to e-learning offers, but they are essentially accessible only about the relevant sites of the structural units and are not based on individual needs. In addition to those information which are available in the internet there are numerous sources of other information, which also contains relevant material for the students.
The task of this thesis is to develop a conception of an IT-infrastructure which provides information for a portal, based on existing researches of the Ilmenau University of Technology and portal solutions of other universities.
This information is individualized out of existing information sources.

Therefore the required data for the different stages of the "Student Lifecycle" are found first and the different sources of these information are shown afterwards. Based on this acquisition different possibilities for an IT-infrastructure are considered, which are able to provide that heterogeneous data for a personalized portal solution. Pro and cons of different IT-infrastructures are compared and the variants of the sub-ranges are described exemplarily.