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Realization of routines for automatical installation of the web based practical training

Kind of work:
Student research project
Dr.-Ing. Todor Vangelov
Christian Täschner
Microcontroller distance training, based on a PIC18F452 development kit (evaluation board, simulator, in-circuit-debugger and also a C-compiler), gets accessible to a large number of students. To make this possible, there’s a web interface for logging in “remote”, also a portal robot used to change the position of magnetic discs. The movement gets observed by a webcam.
Within this work a setup program has been developed, so that the system administrator is able to install the complete training environment within a short while. Obvious, the different functionalities like webbased login, development environment MPLab and the creation of the webcam stream are modular, to guarantee that the applications do also run without a complete training system.