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Wireless mesh network of mobile eNBs for LTE backhaul communication

Kind of work:
Student research project, Bachelor Thesis, Master thesis, Advanced Research Project (MSCSP)
Zubair Shaik
As the mobile eNBs serve the cellular UEs, the idea is to form a wireless mesh network of the eNBs which are not connected directly to EPC. For the backhaul communication, the mesh network would be formed using an additional interface of LTE on the eNB. The project is to be implemented using Omnet++/NS3 simulator.

– Understanding LTE infrastructure and its radio access protocol
– Design and implementation of resource allocation for the mesh network (Centralized/distributed)
– LTE mesh network formation eventually connecting to EPC for the backhaul communication
– Use of an existing routing protocol in the simulator for the multi-hop communication on the mesh network
– Evaluation of network performance of the cellular and mesh network for VoLTE application