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Research of the available scheduling algorithms on a setup of NS3 and NI's Labview LTE Application framework using SDRs

Kind of work:
Student research project, Advanced Seminar, Bachelor Thesis, Advanced Research Project (MSCSP)
Zubair Shaik
The idea is to first bringup the setup of National Instrument's Labview LTE Application framework on the SDRs and port it with the available solution of NS3.
The next step involves the research of available scheduling algorithms on NS3/labview and analyze them with respect to low latency and high reliability.
Advanced projects/thesis would require to design a novel scheduling algorithm for real time applications like VoIP, MCPTT.

1. Knowledge of cellular communication systems
2. very good programming skills on C/C++
3. The ability to solve practical issues while working on the hardware setup of USRPs.