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Multi-Layer Auto Discovery in Dynamic Transport Networks

Kind of work:
Diploma Thesis
Dipl.-Ing. René Böringer
Matthias Schneider
The introduction of a control plane to traditionally rather static transport networks allows the dynamic establishment and deletion of switched connections. This work deals with the automatic discovery of neighbor information in such dynamic and multi-layered networks. These networks require a novel approach to this problem since the control and user planes are strictly separated, making the reuse of already existing mechanisms from the data world impossible. Furthermore, transport networks consist of multiple sub-layers, some of which are dynamically reconfigurable. The neighbor discovery may be divided into two phases, the adjacency discovery, which detects transport plane neighbors, and the attribute and capabilities discovery, which interchanges further information between two neighboring nodes necessary for establishing routing and signaling adjacencies and correctly add a link to the routing database. After a summary and classification of already existing approaches this work addresses adjacency
discovery, describes problematic scenarios that cannot be dealt with by the existing mechanisms and develops possible solutions. Special attention is given to the dynamic nature of links and interlayer relationships.
Furthermore it specifies the requirements for an additional attribute and capabilities discovery and discusses extensions of the existing protocols as well as additional mechanisms. These procedures are necessary to verify and negotiate certain link properties that may later be used as constraints in constraint-based routing and useful to detect misconfigurations.