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Re-Design of an PXE-Boot-Server

Kind of work:
Student research project
Dipl.-Inf. Holger Kärst
Bole Wang
This work is about the optimization and redesign of a DHCP server, which was already implemented. First of all, some necessary theories are researched, mainly the features of a automated network management; the process of PXE, especially a part of PXE, the process of DHCP as well as the hardware infrastructure of the lab. Then the old implementation is worked over, the classes and funktions become familiar and a working plan of that program is made. After that the old implementation is compared with the DHCP standard (several RFC Documents) and between them a lack list is set up. It is checked with the help of the lack list, which missing functions are significative. After that the entire system will be redesigned for a later, optimized implementation. The concepts and functions, which have to be achieved, will be analysed again and the new design of the processes will be made using use-case diagrams, class diagrams and sequence diagrams specified corresponding to UML.