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Design and Simulation-based Evaluation of Paging in I-MPLS

Kind of work:
Diploma Thesis
Dipl.-Ing. René Böringer
Christian Hofmann
This diploma thesis deals with the reduction of signaling overhead and reserved bandwidth in radio access networks based on I-MPLS. In such a wireless network, mobile
nodes send location updates and reserve bandwidth using RSVP-TE everytime they change a cell. Considering the fact that mobile nodes are idle most of the time, it will
be discussed if a paging extension for I-MPLS can reduce the signaling costs. Different paging solutions will be compared and one paging solution that fits to the concept of
I-MPLS will be specified. Furthermore, it will be examined how a mechanism for the reduction of bandwidth can be integrated into I-MPLS. The signaling costs of I-MPLS
with and without paging extensions will be analyzed and compared to other solutions. In addition, there will be presented an implementation of the discussed paging extension for network simulator ns2 and in different simulations the savings of signaling and bandwidth are tested.