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Automated Planning of Wifi-based Radio Access Network

Kind of work:
Diploma Thesis
Dipl.-Ing. René Böringer
Alexander Grotkopp
Nowadays many radio networks reach a size which does not allow a manual frequencies planning anymore. Hence there is a need for solutions that can automate network planning. This document describes an approach for such a frequency planning algorithm. The solution is primary designed for WLANs but can also be used for other radio networks. The distributed algorithm aims for the optimal allocation of channels. Thereby the influence to the transmission quality of adjacent access points should be avoided as far as possible. To reach that aim the transmission power has to be adjusted additionally. This decision concerning the transmission power is derived from information of neighboured access points. That implies the need of a common communication structure behind all involved access points. The solution was validated by simulation and compared to other solutions. The new algorithm proposed in this work is able to increase the throughput by 100% compared to the other known approaches.