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Analysis of UMTS-UMTS and UMTS-GSM-Interworking in the German T-Mobile Network

Kind of work:
Diploma Thesis
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Andreas Mitschele-Thiel
Matthias Münnich
In this thesis different interworking scenarios in UMTS networks have been studied, esp. concerning their success rate or rather quality of the UMTS network. First suitable measuring devices have been evaluated.
An important criteria was, whether the interworking scenarios are clearly displayed in the protocol and measurement data. In addition these scenarios were statistically evaluated with the aid of the Agilent Data Mining Toolkit (DMT). These scenarios were considered in two different views. One the one hand there was a RNC view and on the other hand there was a user equipment view.
It turned out that soft handovers were not evaluated by the DMT. Furthermore there were problems that the interworking scenarios were not completely displayed in the measurement data. These problems can only be solved, when the DMT is modified. Despite these problems, it was possible to analyze the interworking scenarios. With this DMT it is possible to monitor the RNCs of the T-Mobile network.