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Design of an QoS-aware Multicast Protocol for MPLS-based Radio Access Networks

Kind of work:
Diploma Thesis
Dipl.-Ing. René Böringer
Steffen Schmidt
This document describes two approaches for the integration of a Quality of Service-aware multicast into MPLS-based Radio Access Networks (RAN). The first protocol, O-MRP (Multicast Tree Optimization-enabled QoS-aware Multicast Routing Protocol), simply relies on an IP network structure. O-MRP provides fast joining and leaving capabilities for mobile users to multicast groups. Additionally, the protocol allows for multicast route optimization, aiming on different optimization goals. O-MRP uses a unicast routing protocol to construct multicast routing tables. I-MRP (Integrated Multicast Routing Protocol), on the other hand, directly integrates into MPLS and RSVP-TE. For this purpose I-MRP extends RSVP-TE to distribute multicast routing information over the MPLS network and construct multicast Label Switched Paths (LSP). I-MRP, however, does not support multicast route optimization. Both approaches require only changes to routers within the RAN. The protocols are transparent to Mobile Nodes (MN) and network elements outside the RAN.