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Multiagentsystems and Onotologies

Kind of work:
Advanced Seminar
Dipl.-Inf. Holger Kärst
Peter Amthor
Benjamin Cool
Michael Ring
This paper deals with the combination of Multi-Agent-Systems and Ontologies. Our intention was to present several applications based on examples issued in literature.

Eventually potential perspectives of this synergy will be highlighted and evaluated in the form of devised scenarios.
As an approach we decided to firstly provide an insight into basics of Agents and Multi-Agent-Systems as well as Ontologies. Chapter 2 deals with these issues in order to communicate essential knowledge to build up on in Chapter 3. Here we point out the conjunction of both concepts on the basis of the mentioned examples in literature in a practice-oriented way.
Finally this issue is enhanced in Chapter 4, where we will discuss some specific scenarios which could be, according to our view, the future of technological development. We will end with a summarizing review based on the exposed applications.