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Cross layer optimization in mobile communication systems

Kind of work:
Advanced Seminar
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Andreas Mitschele-Thiel
Anett Baumbach
Tim Langner
It’s known that the performance of mobile device applications suffers from wireless network variations. Today’s protocol stack implementations won’t fit the needs of mobile wireless environments. To gain a better performance in wireless applications, cross-layer feedback in the protocol stack would be useful. The contribution carried out by this work is an overview of cross layer related parameters and information shared between the iso-osi layers. It gives also a review of some existing cross layer designs and architectures and lists disadvantages. As a result of this work it should become clear that many ideas of implementing cross layering have been published but most of them are only dealing with special scenarios. However, the effort put into the development of cross layer architectures is the right way to achieve a better interoperability of wired and wireless networks.