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Conception of a framework to parameterize and organize e-learning tasks

Kind of work:
Diploma Thesis
Dr.-Ing. Heinz- Dietrich Wuttke
Thomas Bärwinkel
In the first part of this diploma thesis an XML-structure for storing tasks in the area of electrical engeneering is designed. The structure facilitates the parametrization of particular values within a task. Because of standardisation the LOM-standard is integrated into the structure.
In the second part of this diploma thesis a framework for storage, administration and processing of the tasks is developed. Because of the modular architecture the reusability, extensibility and interchangeability of particular components is guaranteed. For persistence an XML-database is used, which stores the particular tasks as a collection inside a container.
To access the datasets over the internet a webservice-interface is designed. This interface ensures an access, which is independent of the programing language or platform. The XML-publishing-framework Cocoon accesses the collection of tasks through the webservice-interface and transforms the XML-structure in miscellaneous output formats like HTML, PDF or WAP.