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Modeling and analysis of a provider-based system for provision and management of very large wireless networks

Kind of work:
Diploma Thesis
Dipl.-Inf. Holger Kärst
Dr.-Ing. Thomas Volkert
Martin Werner
This diploma thesis deals with modeling and analysis of the largest puplic wlan network in germany, which is provided by the Cuculus GmbH and built in Weimar. All processes, which are triggered by an user interaction or by the system itself are analyzed and the communication relations between them are figured in appropriate UML-diagrams. Based on these communication relations and with methods of queuing networks the processes are mapped in a Simulink model, which is suitable for simulations, considering the internal dependencies in respect of usage of the service components. The real processes are analyzed in different simulation scenarios. The bounds of the analyzed system are shown, weak spots and bottlenecks are presented and based on these realization the elaboration of different improvement suggestions for performance increasing are made. The diploma thesis is completed by a direct comparison between the real processes and the system model and the closing estimation of the developed model.