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Integration of a modular potal bar into arbitrary web pages

Kind of work:
Student research project
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Andreas Mitschele-Thiel
Henning Rauch
This work describes the approach and implementation of a web portal solution using a HTTP proxy. As is the case for most common hotspot solutions (e.g Weimar-ist-DRIN) the user, by accessing a hotspot network, is led first to a central web portal page. Here he/she can register and activate certain services to be shown on the Portal page (like chat functions, RSS feed, weather and much more besides).
The portal page has to be kept open (as in the Weimar-ist-DRIN
scenario) for accounting purpose. So if the page would be closed the user would be logged out by the accounting system automatically.
This is often not realized by the user. That is why a better integration of the portal into the browser envirnonment is desirable.
So the solution developed in this paper consist of a content manupulating HTTP proxy which injects a portal bar with any kind of information in every browser window. This includes login and status, chat, RSS-feeds, weather, webradio and similar data.
The code conversion has to be as modular as possible, so that each user is able to select the desired services in the context of the portal. Additionally the portal bar assures the hotspot connection and the accounting.