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Development and design of location data collector and analysis of is robustness and timings in real world experiment

Kind of work:
Advanced Seminar, Advanced Research Project (MSCSP)
M.Sc. Oleksandr Andryeyev
Successful aerial base station placement requires the knowledge of user equipment locations. This data needs to be collected continuously to provide a up-to-date information for a placement algorithm. In order to prepare the experimental evaluation of the aerial base station placement, the location data collector needs to be developed.
Its main goal is to receive the GPS location data from multiple Android-based phones, which sends this data using UDP sockets.
The location data collector needs to save received data into internal database and then provide this data to the placement algorithm.
• write Python program, which receives UDP datagrams from user equipment, decodes them and saves into internal database;
• validate the functionality of the developed program in real world environment, using WiFi (IEEE 802.11) communication link;
• conduct several experiments, tune sending/receiving parameters and analyze the capacity and robustness of the link.
• analytical mind and diligent attitude towards the experiment;
• Python programming skills;
• networking / wireless communication knowledge;
• Android phone.