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Experimental Evaluation of the Influence of GNSS Position Inaccuracies on the A2G Propagation Model

Kind of work:
Advanced Seminar
M.Sc. Oleksandr Andryeyev
Nowadays the use of Aerial Base Stations (ABSs) become more and more attractive approach to increase the system capacity in areas with temporarily high data demand. In order to evaluate the proposed placement schemes, the simulation environment is used. However, the accuracy and validity of results depend on the used Air-to-Ground Propagation (A2G) propagation model.
The model was experimentally validated using the real ABS prototype. However, it is not yet clear how the inaccuracies of the GNSS measurement will affect the collected data set. For this purpose, a further experiment with the measured position references has to be carried out and their results analysed.

* Planning and preparation of the real-world experiment;
* Conduction of the real-world experiment and analysis of its results.

• analytical mind;
• Python knowledge.

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