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Development and Evaluation of a method for an estimation of QoS in Wireless LANs

Kind of work:
Diploma Thesis
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Andreas Mitschele-Thiel
Dipl.-Ing. René Böringer
Mario Winkler
Applying a ressource reservation protocol (e.g. RSVP) in heterogeneous networks to realise end-to-end Quality of Service requires the knowledge of the available throughput utilisable by a mobile host in the wireless part of the network e.g. 802.11b WLAN. Current QoS implementations deliver unrealiable estimations for this due to the neglect of the dynamic in a wireless network or the condition of the radio channel. So the user has to face an increased propability for the reserved datarate not being available during the transmission any more, causing a quality degradation of the running application.
In this thesis a model is presented to calculate the useful throughput of a mobile host depending on its current environment (WLAN cell) and considering the dynamic influences. Furthermore it is shown that a more relieable estimation of the available throughput - for a whole reservation interval - can be derived in applying different strategies.
In the second part of this thesis the proposed model is evaluated by means of a simulated Voice over IP scenario and finally conclusions are drawn.