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Self-Organization in Communication Systems (Winter Semester)/Spezielle Aspekte Integrierter Hard- und Softwaresysteme(M.Sc II, M.Sc. IN, GS Mobicom)

General information


Self-organization is an approach for the autonomous and distributed control of systems that leads to the emergence of a global behavior without central planning. In communication networks, self-organization can be applied to improve the scalability of networks, to handle unforeseen situations, e.g. caused by disasters, to optimize its operation, to save energy and to reduce the operational expenses of networks. The course introduces the fundamentals of self-organizing systems and methods.


  • This course is offered in the winter semester.
  • course volume: 2,0,0, 12 lectures, 2 credit hours
  • This course is offered in English!
  • Students enrolled in a Diploma program (Dipl., II or IN) may use this course as a substitute for the UMTS Networks (UMTS-Netze, 2 SWS) or the Wireless Internet (2 SWS) course.
  • Doctoral students may be granted an extra of 2 credits for the preparation of a lecture.


Communication networks (e.g. Telematik/Rechnernetze), mobile communication networks (recommended), optimization methods (e.g. IHS2, recommended)


2 LP


oral 20 minutes


Part I: Self Organization Methods

  • Swarm Intelligence
  • Neural Networks
  • Data Mining
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Self Organization in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN)
  • Self Organization in Distributed Information Management
  • Principles of Bio-Inspired Adaptive Autonomy
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Working material

  • Self-Organization in Mobile Communication Systems Download PDF
  • Concepts and Principles of General Systems Theory Download PDF
  • Swarm Intelligence Download PDF
  • Neural Networks Download PDF
  • Data Mining Download PDF
  • Data Mining (Exercise) Download PDF
  • Reinforcement learning Download PDF
  • Self-Organization in Wireless Sensor Networks Download PDF
  • Self-Organization in Distributed Information Management Download PDF
  • Principle of Bio-inspired Adaptive Autonomy Download PDF
  • Self-Configuration and Self-Organized Synchronization in Communication Networks Download PDF


  • See slides.