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Special Aspects of Integrated Hard- and Software Systems (Summer Semester)/Modeling and Simulation of Communication Systems and Networks (M.Sc II, M.Sc. IN, GS Mobicom)

General information

Tutorial staff
Dr.-Ing. Ali Diab


In order to support the development of hardware, software, algorithms, protocols and services, etc. for future communication systems and networks, mechanisms and tools for modeling and simulation of them are necessary. This course provides an insight into modeling and simulation techniques to reason about and evaluate various aspects of communication systems from radio and signal processing issues up to protocol, network and service aspects.


  • This course is offered in the summer semester.
  • course volume: 2,0,0, 11 lectures, 2 credit hours


Communication networks (e.g. Telematik/Rechnernetze), mobile communication networks (recommended)


2 LP


Oral 20 minutes


  • Reliability
  • Generic analytical model for mobile networks
  • Finite State Machines (FSM)
  • SDL and code generation
  • MatLab models for the physical layer (for beginners)
  • Network simulators
  • UML/data base models
  • Radio propagation models
  • Link level simulation
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Working material

Slides will be provided stepwise.
  • Reliability Download PDF
  • Generic Analytical Model for Mobile Networks Download PDF
  • Finite State Machines Download PDF
  • Specification and Description Language (SDL) Download PDF