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Cellular Communication Systems (RCSE, MSCSP, II, IN)

General information

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Actual information and teaching material are available in Moodle System (after enrollment).


The course provides insight into the operation of cellular communication systems. The focus of the course is on system architectures, protocols and procedures rather than details on physical layer processing.

The course covers cellular systems from GSM and UMTS/HSPA to LTE, LTE-A and 5G while the main focus is on LTE and new developments in 5G. We will discuss central system functions as mobility management, management of the radio resources, session and call control functions, provision of quality of service as well as network operation and management for the differnet systems.

The course will enable students to do individual studies and research in the area.


  • This course is offered in the winter semester.
  • The course consists of two parts: In the first part of the semester, lectures on the material are given. In the second part, individual studies (reading a paper and a presentation) help to improve understanding of the material.

  • Grading scheme: 20% individual studies, 80% oral exam (20 min, registration at ICS office in Z1031).

  • At least 50% correct answers are required to pass oral exam (typically 5 topics are raised during oral exam).

  • Binding registration for the exam (using Thoska or the registration form provided by the examination office IA) is required at the beginning of each semester (check the registration time window which is defined each semester) in order to participate in individual studies projects and the oral exam. As your course grade is a result of the individual studies and the oral exam, only formally registered students are eligible for participation in the individual studies and may receive credits for it.

Requirements: Communication Networks and Protocols, Advanced Mobile Communication Networks (AMCN).

Special remarks for students of Informatik and Ingenieurinformatik Diploma programs: Die Anrechnung der SWS für Praxisseminare in Komplexprüfungen kann nur nach vollständigem, erfolgreichen Abschluss der Individual Studies erfolgen. Andernfalls ist die Teilnahme an der Komplexprüfung, bzw. Anrechnung des Praxisseminars dafür, nicht möglich.


  • Review of Mobile Communication Basics
  • GSM, GPRS and EDGE
  • UMTS
    • System Architecture
    • Wideband CDMA and Radio Resources Management
    • UMTS Radio Access and UTRAN
    • High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA)
    • Procedures
  • Long-Term Evolution (LTE) and LTE-A
    • System Architecture
    • LTE Radio and PHY
    • Applications and Services
    • Self-organized Network Management
  • 5G Networks
    • New Radio
    • Self-organized Network Management for 5G
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Working material

Actual information and teaching material are available in Moodle System (after enrollment).