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available accommodation during the summer course 


  • in the dorm „CJD Ilmenau- This dorm is situated nearby the campus.

You can stay in a single room (300.00 €) or double rooms (230.00 €/ person).The price includes kitchen usage. A fee of 10,00 € is charged for bed linen and towel.

There is a limited number of rooms available. Please reserve a room with the course registration. We will forward your request to the dorm administration.

The price of the student residences (single rooms) are between 162.00 € and 266.00 €, plus 35.00 € for bed linen.

A security deposit of 300.00 € is due upon signing the contract.

To apply for an accommodation at the campus during the summer course period you need an admission for the international summer course.

  • in the youth hostel Ilmenau - The youth hostel is close to the university.

You can stay in single room, double room in 4-bed-room. There are special rates for summer course participants. The prices are including bed linen. All rooms are equipped with shower and WC. 

single room. incl. breakfast: €

double room: 400,00 € per person

4-bed-room incl. breakfast: €/ Person
breakfast (option): 4,00€ per person/night


 Futhermore you could looking for an accommodation in Ilmenau here: WG-GESUCHT".



Students who have an admission to study at  Technische Universität Ilmenau, could apply for an accommodation in the dorm at campus in Ilmenau.





Food and Drink

If people are thinking about German meals, it is usually beer and bratwurst (grilled sausage) with sauerkraut that come to mind. But Germany's cuisine has other delights, particularly steam-roasts with special potato dumplings called Klöße, or the many types of casserole meal, or delicately marinaded herring fillets. Other outstanding meals are smoked pork cutlet, cabbage and pork cooked together, or the spiced meat patties called Frikadellen. German food tends to be hearty and calorific. There are regional preferences, of course.

Beer is Germany's best-loved drink. Many towns have their own brewery. Among the numerous varieties of beer there are certain favourites: "Altbier" - bitter, with a high proportion of hops; and those with a high proportion of malt: " Malzbier" (dark, sweet and alcohol-free), "Märzen", "Starkbier", "Bockbier" and "Doppelbock".

There is no food included in the course fee. However, the charges to you in the University refectory (Mensa) are

  • Breakfast (1 cup of coffee or tea and 1 roll) from 1,50 €
  • lunch from 1,50 € (Menu in the Mensa)

Or patronise one of the many restaurants. Here is a list of them.


By train

It is really easy to get to Ilmenau by train from Erfurt, the capital city of the "Land" of Thüringen. In under an hour, the train will bring you from Erfurt on a picturesque route gently rising from the plain to ilmenau's wooded hills. The station to change at if you are arriving via Schweinfurt or Saalfeld is Arnstadt.

Once arrived at Ilmenau main station, you only have a ten-minute walk to the Course Office. Please let the course helpers know when you will be arriving. Click here to get the link to the arrival form.

Rail timetable

By plane

Our nearest aiport is in Erfurt: Erfurt-Bindeslben, which is mainly served by internal flights, from many of Gemany's international airports: Frankfurt (on Main), Berlin, Dortmund, Hamburg, Munich, Leipzig, Cologne/Bonn, Essen, Düsseldorf and Dresden.

By car

If you are coming by car, there are many alternative routes to Ilmenau. Three trunk roads meet here: the B4 (Coburg-Ilmenau-Erfurt), B87 (Ilmenau-Weimar) and B88 (Saalfeld-Ilmenau-Gotha).

The A71 motorway is very close, with exits Ilmenau-Ost and Ilmenau-West. It connects to the A4 motorway at the Erfurter Kreuz junction. The route to the TU from Ilmenau-Ost ("Ost" means "East") is shown on the campus map.

Directions Map
City map
Campus Plan in English

Course Helpers

For the whole duration of the course, German students will be acting as course helpers, taking part in the excursions, answering questions and helping solve any organisational problems.

They will also gladly join the language learners for the evening events, including the parties.

Foto@TU Ilmenau
Foto@TU Ilmenau


Insurance (for sickness, accident, luggage) is not included in the course or the fee. You will need to take out insurance in your home country before departure if you want to be insured.


Ilmenau's weather reflects its situation in the mid-German hills. Here the wooded hills are called the Thüringer Wald. They are beautiful but they are hills, so don't forget to bring some warm, weatherproof clothes despite its being summer when you come. To go walking in the Thüringer Wald or on other outings you will need serviceable shoes.

Here is a glimpse of the current weather:

Also, come prepared if you want to make the most of the up-to-date sports complex on the campus. This is free of charge. There are balls and some sports equipment available to borrow from the Course Office. The tennis courts can be used for a small fee. There is a modern open-air swimming pool with diving boards and slides about 20 minutes' walk away from the campus.

You can go onto the Internet and send emails for free in the main Computer Building (called the Rechenzentrum). It is open all hours except between 8 p.m. on Saturdays and 12 noon on Sundays.