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Degree Students

Online courses start on April 20th!

Due to the coronavirus, the beginning of in-person lectures has been postponed to May 4th, presumably. However, please note that online lectures will already start on April 20th, 2020! The summer semester officially started on April 1, 2020. For more detailed information regarding the academic calender of the summer semester 2020, please follow this link: "Semestereckpunkte"

Enrollment for all those who arrive before is possible online. Please send an e-mail to the Academic Service Center.

If you are currently abroad, and are unable to leave your home country and/or to enter Germany, please send an email to the admissions office: E-Mail They will provide you with a guest log-in. With this guest account you will then be able to sign up and partake in your online classes. 

Enrollment does not work from abroad. You can partake in the online learning options without being fully enrolled. Once you are able to enter Germany, enrollment will be completed. For the enrollment please bring all necessary documents. Amongst others, you will have to prove German health insurance and pay the semester fee. 

Regarding your dormitory key, please contact the dormitory directly.

The registration office of the city of Ilmenau is closed until further notice.

Welcome at TU Ilmenau

We would be very delighted to welcome you at Technische Universit√§t Ilmenau! Our university offers full or part time studies as well as opportunities for exchange students. 

Before you continue reading, we would like to draw your attention on some important facts:

- Please pay attention: Acceptance for a Master's program requires a so called Master's atptitude test. This aptitude test takes place as a formal examination of your certificates. Only in cases of doubt you will be asked to take an oral examination. You will be informed of the details during the application process or together with your admission. Please read about the the specific requirements of your future program, which are stated in appendix 3 of the study rules of your program. Link to the rules of our study programs.

- If you need to take DSH or/and additional subject examinations test before the Study program at TU Ilmenau begins, you will be provided with an admission letter together with an Invitation to attend Academic Preparation Course (APC). To be accepted to Academic Preparation Course you are required to have B1 level of German (for bachelor's application) or B2 in the language of the course (for master's application, English or German, depending on the chosen course).   

You should apply for your studies right in time! The visa formalities, which have to be considered by almost all applicants, might require about three months. Therefore the deadlines indicated here, namely 15th January for Sommer Semester and 15th July for Winter Semester, are relevant only for those applicants who are already in Germany or do not need Visum. Hence, we kindly recommend you to apply till the middle of May for winter semester and middle of November for Summer Semester.

For master's programs there are sometimes shortened application periods. For some of the master's programs, application is only possible for the winter semester. Therefore please note the special information in our applicant portal.

Please apply online at our university. Paper based applications will not be accepted.