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Bachelor studies

First degree studies

In order to be admitted to first degree studies in Germany, you need to be able to present a school-leaving certificate that would also have enabled you to study in your home country. For this reason, we can ask you to turn in a certificate of your home country’s university admission exam together with you application or a proof that you have already studied successfully for one or two years. Our evaluation of certificates is based on the database „anabin“ (only in German), which is a service offered by the Kultusministerkonferenz of the Federal Republic of Germany. This database is accessible to everyone. You can check whether your secondary school- certificate enables you to study in Germany.

All first degree courses are solely taught and tested in German. When applying, you should already have a certificate of German language knowledge with B2 level, since our preparatory German courses start at this level. Provided you continue learning German, will make sure that you easily comply with German immigration law. According to it preliminary language course should not exceed one year. The longer or the longest language course duration of two years will be in that case granted by foreign authority (Auslandebehörde) if you should attend preparatory college. 

In case you have already studied in your home country and would like to continue studies in the same subject area, you can make an application for recognition of your academic achievements. Nevertheless, this application will be handled only after matriculation. 

First degree studies leading to a Bachelor of Science