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Application requirements

The Master’s courses are usually so organized that Bachelor Study as the first academic completion will go over in to Master’s. The overflow from Bachelor to Master’s will apparently become less automatically in case an applicant obtained his/her Bachelor in other university (within or outside Germany). It will be necessary to check whether the various Bachelor‘s degrees are equivalent to one another. The procedure in Ilmenau will thus be as follows:  

TU Ilmenau verifies, if one’s secondary school certificate (Baccalauréat, Matura, Higher Secondary School Certificate. etc) received even in Germany qualifies him/her for Master’s Study without any additional courses (does not apply to language course). Subsequently, the scope and the content of the previous Bachelor’s program will be revised. The academic self-enquiry, which is the part of the application, facilitates you to have an overview of how similar your Bachelor is to the Program of the Master’s degree you are applying for.

In case you have a Language Certificate (Level C1: DSH-2 or TOEFL iBT 79 or EILTS 6.5 depending on the language of respective study program) and prove that you have successfully passed an aptitude test at TU Ilmenau, you will be admitted to the Master program.

If one of abovementioned lacks, but all other formal admission criteria are fulfilled, then you will be provided with a conditional admission to Master program with an invitation to Academic Preparation Course.  

According to the German immigration law Academic Preparation Course should not exceed two years. Academic Preparation Course at TU Ilmenau can last between 1 and 4 semesters.

However, please note that the Bachelor’s degree with which you enter one of the TU Ilmenau’s Master’s courses midway must be in the same subject as the Master’s you hope to take.

Application process and required documents

You can apply TU Ilmenau online from all over the world. 

The application portal is guiding you step by step and helps you to keep an overview of the status of your application. You can easily download the application forms and fill in them in your PC; documents and evidences are easy to upload, and later you will be informed on the application status-quo per E-mail. . All you need is:

• an internet browser

• Adobe Reader

• e-mail account


Required documents which need to be uploaded are:

• secondary school certificate (e.g. Abitur, Matura etc.)

• transcripts of studies at other universities

• results of the university Bachelor degree from education in your home country

• certificate of any previous German knowledge

• TOEFL-score or IELTS-score result, if you want to enroll for any program taught fully in English

Apply early!

All in all the application process for Master study program (unrestricted permission) will take around 3 month. In case you need a visa please keep in mind, that in some countries (e.g. China) the visa application process will take up to 3 month

If your original documents are not in German or English, a certified translation of required documents is needed. These documents, the certified copies of documents and authorized translation in Original should be submitted while matriculating at TU Ilmenau. Please bring more copies of these documents with you to Germany. 

TU Ilmenau charges applicants with access authorization an application fee of 25 €. During the application process you will be asked per E-mail to transfer the money. Once the fee is transferred, your application will be processed.  

The successful completion of your Bachelor program in your home country as well as proof of adequate German proficiency is required for admission to the graduate study at TU Ilmenau. Please submit your Bachelor certificate and a certified copy of the respective grade summary along with a German translation. Certificates written in English do not need to be translated. 

You also have the opportunity to take part in a language course at TU Ilmenau in preparation for the obligatory "Deutsch Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang" - DSH - if you already German skills level B2. 

In case you would like to live in a student hostel, you have to apply online student housing form (pl. pay attention to the deadlines). An overview of all student flats is available here