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Practical Advise

Legal Formailities Concerning Entry into Germany

For applying for a visa in the German embassy or consul in your country you have to submit the admission letter from the university. The visa will be transferred into a regular residence permit by the department of foreigners (aliens department) upon arrival in the city of residence. You can't study in Germany if you only carry a tourism visa. Such visa can't under any circumstances be transferred into a residence permit for study purposes and the university can't thereby register you as a student.
In order to acquire the visa you need, other than the admission letter, evidence of sufficient financial abilities to fund your studies in Germany. Normally it suffices to show a writing from the institute which issued your scholarship (e.g. DAAD), a letter of obligation from a third person, or a proof of own assets. For the latter, the current amount of money required is about 659 €/month for one whole year.
For applying for the residence permit in Germany later on you also need to again submit a recent evidence of enough financial assets.
Foreign students are only allowed to work for a sum of 120 days fulltime (or 240 halftime) every year. It's though not allowed to finance a whole study year this way.

Student Housing and Food

The Ilmenau technical university is a campus based university. Most of the academic buildings are located on the Ehrenberg Campus.
The student dormitories were renovated in the last few years, so that the students are now accommodated in single and double rooms. The student services guaranties all students who apply in a timely manner an accommodation starting at their first semester. Of course you can also look for yourself for a private accommodation in the premises of Ilmenau.
The student dormitory prices are somewhat between 170 - 260 € per room. If you decide for such a room you would have to pay a deposit of 300 € which are of course to be paid back to you after finishing your stay in the student dormitories.
We can't give information about the private accommodation possibilities as the prices diver largely because of the numerous possibilities. As soon as you get the letter of admission you have to take care about the accommodation separately even if you decide for a room on campus. For the latter you should submit an online application.
On weekdays the Mensa offers different dishes for the midday meal (lunch). It is thereby guaranteed that at least one of these meals doesn't contain pork. Apart from that there is always a vegetarian choice. A meal costs usually between 1.50 and 3.00 €.
All student dormitories have kitchens which you can use freely.

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Lebenshaltungskosten in Ilmenau

Um eine Verlängerung Ihrer Aufenthaltsgenehmigung zu bekommen, müssen Sie nachweisen, dass Sie jeden Monat 740 € aufbringen können. Dieser Betrag ist realistisch.  Sie müssen in etwa die folgenden monatlichen Ausgaben beachten:

Miete 210 €
Essen / Trinken                                                     190 €
Krankenversicherung, Hobbies, Kultur120 €
Reisekosten  80 €
Kleidung, Telefon110 €
Bücher, Papier etc. für das Studium30 €
etwa 740 €

Health Insurance

In order to study at a German university one should have a health insurance. As a student you should sign up for the German governmental health insurance. For students under 30 years of age the costs amount to 80 € a month. For the period of the preparation course (Studienkolleg or language course) you are not allowed to have a governmental health insurance just yet. You thereby are obligated to get a private one. Note: All of the above have absolutely nothing to do with your travel insurance!
We can advise you later about choosing an insurance company with the optimal offers.

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Help with the Legal Formalities in Ilmenau

The international students network "we4you" is designated to help international students before, upon and after arrival in Germany. Before coming to Germany you can get information and advice. When you arrive in Ilmenau you will be welcomed at the info point which is dedicated to help you get throughout the procedures and formalities in order to "settle in".
Throughout we4you you will get to know who the right contact persons are in case you have questions about your study program. We4you also organizes events and excursions, especially intended for international students, in which you get to know their friendly helpful team as well as Ilmenau and Germany.


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Application procedure and legal notes

The technical university of Ilmenau offers an online application portal. This is an easy and fast way to apply and it gives you the ability of tracking your application afterwards.
All necessary documents are to be uploaded as a scanned digital copy.
German courses are offered at the university starting at level B2.
Further information about the application process are to be found under the rubrics "Bachelor" or "Master".

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Dues and Fees

There are no study fees for the bachelor, master of doctoral study programs.
Nevertheless all students do have to pay administrative fees. These include among other things the price for the semester ticket with which students may use all trains in the state of Thuringia (except for IC and ICE) for free. All in all these administrative fees make a total sum of currently 96,40 € per semester.
Apart from that students have to pay for courses which are not directly part of their study program. This encloses the language preparation courses, language courses which are not part of the study program, additional courses, coachings, etc. In the special case of exceeding the regular study period of the study program by more than 4 semesters, a student would have to pay longtime-study fees which are currently equal to 500€ per semester. These regulations apply both to German and international students.



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