Travel on behalf of the employer

International business trips require a certain amount of extra organisation in advance. Find out, for example, whether you need a visa for the destination country, which documents are required for this (e.g. an invitation from the host), which travel or health insurance and, if applicable, vaccinations are required, etc. (Information on this can be found on the intranet). (Information on this can be found on the intranet  [only in German language available] in the Human Resources and Legal Affairs Department).

Safety instructions for business trips abroad

before leaving the country

  • inform yourself about your host country, the destination and appropriate behaviour (and about the (suburban) regulations currently in force during the Corona pandemic)
  • note down important emergency numbers (police and emergency doctor in the host country, blocking credit cards, foreign representation in the host country, foreign health and accident insurance, etc.)
  • copy/scan important documents and, if possible, do not keep them together with the original documents
  • health care check / first-aid kit, if necessary have vaccinations (in consultation with your family doctor) carried out

during your stay

  • make sure you can be reached in case of emergency
  • inform yourself sufficiently and up-to-date about the security situation on site (especially COVID19 situation, quarantine regulations etc.)
  • reduce risks (safety-first principle)
  • avoid complications, e.g. when choosing a hotel or means of transport

Funding opportunities for international travel and stays

There are a number of financial means available for travel of employees to international universities and institutions as well as for the stay of international guests at the TU Ilmenau. To find out which options you have and how to apply for these funds, please refer to the intranet pages linked below.