Education and training opportunities abroad

One of the objectives of our institution is the continuous further training of our employees. There are a number of opportunities for further training in other European countries or around the world. For many, this is a suitable option not only to immerse themselves more deeply in a foreign language, but also to enable professional advancement.

The EU Commission and the DAAD promote a whole range of further education activities.

Drei Wissenschaftler:innen, eine Frau und zwei Männer unterschiedlicher Herkunft diskutieren über einen Sachverhalt. Im Hintergrund ist eine Bücherband. Die Personen sind durch eine sich im Vordergrund befindende unscharfe Röhre zu sehen. Michael Reichel (ari)

Staff Training Weeks in Europe

This training offer not only refreshes your foreign language skills, but also gives you a different perspective on your working environment. You will participate in the experiences of our European partners and can gain valuable ideas for your own work processes. In addition, interculturality and sensitization to it will be emphasized during this time.

We have selected offers available for you on the intranet.

Staff Training Weeks at partner institutions worldwide

Within the framework of the Erasmus+ worldwide programme, Staff Training Weeks are offered at partner institutions from time to time. They enable a more intensive cooperation with the partner on an organisational and intercultural level and are a good platform to sharpen the view for each other.

Current offers are available on the intranet.

International Staff Week 2014 in IlmenauInternational Office_ISTW2014

Language course opportunities in Europe

Language courses give you the opportunity to refresh, improve and take your language skills to another level in a foreign language environment. Since you are forced to communicate and interact with like-minded people in the relevant foreign language, these courses promise great added value in terms of learning success.

We have a selection of language courses available for you on the intranet.


Language course options worldwide

Do you want to go further afield to brush up on your language skills? Then you are welcome to do so. We have a selection of worldwide language course opportunities available for you on the intranet. Please note that no funding is available through the Erasmus+ worldwide programme unless you attend a language course at one of our partner institutions.

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Professional and further training courses in Europe

Specialist and further training courses abroad not only have the advantage of imparting knowledge in terms of content, they also contribute to foreign language learning success and help you to deepen your language skills or raise them to another level.

We have a selection of courses available for you on the intranet.

Funding modalities in Erasmus+ Europe

Funding modalities in Erasmus+ worldwide