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Application process

Your application follows the following steps:

Step 1:    Contact a university teacher

Get in touch with a professor in your desired field of study. To do so, send your complete curriculum vitae, a letter of motivation or a meaningful description of your doctoral project as well as your transcript including an overview of your achievements to the professor. If the responsible university teacher is interested in working with you on a research project, go to step 2.

Step 2:    Submission of certificates

Please submit your certificates online via the university's applicant portal. You will need the following documents, which will be uploaded as scans.
No authentication is required for the scans. All documents must be translated into German or English:

  • gap-free curriculum vitae
  • Letter of motivation or meaningful description of the doctoral project
  • School-leaving certificate (secondary school) opening access to higher education in the home country
  • Certificate and performance overview of a successfully completed Bachelor's programme
  • Certificate and performance overview of a successfully completed Master's degree (total scope Bachelor + Master = 300 ECTS)
  • Proof of language skills in German and/or English

Please bring certified copies and translations of the above documents with you to Ilmenau.

Step 3:    Certificate evaluation

Our Academic Service Center will review your documents. (see: This evaluation will be sent to you and your future supervisor/doctoral supervisor. You will then receive an individual invitation from him/her to study for a doctorate. Use them to apply for a visa.

(Step 4:    Your visa)

Once admitted, you can apply for a visa at the German embassy or consulate general in your home country.

For this you need the following documents:

  • invitation to doctoral studies
  • proof of sufficient financial resources so that you can provide for yourself in Germany
  • in some countries: proof of accommodation at the planned university location

Please note: Please be sure that you applied for a visa in time: about three months before you start your doctorate at the TU Ilmenau!

If you are a research assistant at the TU Ilmenau, this must be stated on your visa application.

You will then receive a visa for your doctoral studies/scientific assistant at the Technische Universität Ilmenau.

Step 5:    Arrival in Ilmenau

As soon as you have arrived at us, you will:

  • get enrolled at the TU Ilmenau as doctoral student
  • choose a health insurance
  • be registered as resident of Ilmenau
  • receive a residence permit from the Aliens Department