Problems with sharing the broadcasting fee in dormitories

Currently, there are complications with the broadcasting fee for tenants of the Studierendenwerk.

In the past, it was common that only one person per shared apartment or even per entire hallway was registered for the broadcasting fee and that all tenants of the shared apartment or hallway shared the fee among themselves. This had to be communicated after moving in, at the latest after receiving a letter from the contribution service, and one had to officially deregister as a payer. The problem now is that the contribution service questions such cancellations of a contribution account as soon as room numbers appear on your registration address.
Our advice is therefore: When registering your residence at the registration office, make sure not to register a room number. This applies to both residents of corridor rooms and shared flats.
If you already have problems with the broadcasting fee, you can ask the Studierendenwerk's dormitory administration to issue you a letter confirming that you can continue to share the broadcasting fee.
As far as we know, this will bring the matter to a positive conclusion.

You can find more information about the broadcasting fee on our we4you arrival page.