We try to give you as much information as possible. However, our statements cannot be regarded as legally binding information. The information is not conclusive and does not cover all cases. Only the rules in the respective ordinances and regulations and their interpretation by the respective responsible authorities (Government, district, university) are binding. If you have any questions or uncertainties, please do not hesitate to contact these offices with our support. You are welcome to send us an e-mail.
The current case numbers and further information about the Thuringian Corona Early Warning System can be found on the website of the Thuringian Ministry of Health.


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Current warning level: red     

Status: 24.01.2022


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An overview of the most important rules:
  • General rules:
    • Adhere to AHAL rules (distance, hygiene, mask in everyday life, ventilation).
    • Contact tracing in closed rooms
    • Curfew for unvaccinated and non-recovered people: From 10 p.m. - 5 a.m.
    • For 2G-Plus no tests necessary for...
      ... boostered persons.
      ... freshly vaccinated. (second vaccination not more than 3 months ago)
      ... freshly recovered. (positive test max. 90 days ago)
      ... recovered with at least 1 vaccination (no matter when)
  • Contact restrictions
    • general:
          max. 10 persons are allowed to meet (no matter if inside or outside).
          All persons must be either vaccinated or recovered!
    • for unvaccinated and non-recovered people:
          own household + maximum 2 other person from another household
  • Mask obligation indoors for
    • shops and service companies, public events, committee meetings, doctors, therapists, bus, train, taxi, body-related services, restaurants, cafés, bars, religious gatherings.
  • public events
    • inside:
       - up to 50 pers.: 2G-rule
       - more than 50 pers.: 2G-Plus rule
       - max. 40% occupancy or 500 persons
    • outside
       - 2G rule
       - max. 50% occupancy or 1000 persons
       - mask obligation
  • Private events
    • indoors
       - from 15 persons: 2G rule + notify the health authority 10 days in advance + contact tracing
       - max. 50 persons
    • outside:
       - from 20 persons:  notify the health authority 10 days in advance
       - max. 100 persons
  • Recreation
    • Indoor leisure parks / facilities: closed
    • Discos, clubs, bars: closed
    • Swimming pools, saunas: closed
    • Gyms (indoor): 2G plus rule + contact tracing
    • Bus and train travel: 3G rule
    • Visits to authorities and public offices: 3G rule
  • Shopping
    • 2G rule
    • Exception: shops for daily necessities
    • Admission restrictions in shops
  • Gastronomy
    • 2G rule
    • mask obligation indoors
    • Closing time from 10 p.m.

Special information for international students

You still have questions that are not answered on this page? No problem! Every Wednesday from 7 pm there is the COVID-19 Q&A from the central study advisory service and we4you. So, if you are unsure or need help, for example, with applying for vaccination appointments, just get in touch and ask us your questions. Click here to go to the Webex meeting.

Information on isolation for infected persons and quarantine for contact persons

Download we4you infographics
Download leaflet on isolation of infected persons from RKI
Download leaflet on quarantine of contacts from the RKI

The leaflets from the Robert Koch Institute with a lot of helpful information are also available in many other languages.

Click here for information for infected persons or here for information for contact persons.

Other sources of information

Frau scannt mit Smartphone QR-Code an FensterTU Ilmenau/Barbara Aichroth

Official Corona Information of the University

  • Current information of the university
  • Infection Protection Concept of the University
  • Information about contact-tracing
  • FAQ
TU Ilmenau/Pavel Chatterjee

Corona Information on Studies / Examinations


On the intranet:

  • Corona-specific peculiarities regarding examinations
  • Current information on examinations
  • Current information on studies