Support for your start at university

You have finally received your admission to study at TU Ilmenau? Your arrival is imminent, but you are still quite disoriented? You have questions like...

  • How do I get to Ilmenau? And how is the way from the train station to the campus?
  • How can I move into my dorm room?
  • How do I have to register?
  • Which authorities do I have to register with as an international student? And how does that work?
  • How do I get connected to campus life?

No need to feel lost!

Because your we4you buddy knows the answers! We will put you in contact with a buddy (English for "friend", "helper") before your arrival, who is already studying in Ilmenau and knows how everything works here.

Your buddy will answer your questions before your arrival and organize your pick-up from the train station. During your first weeks in Ilmenau she*he will support you and make your start into the study and city life easier.

Participation in the buddy program is free of charge for international students!

Gruppenfoto von Studierenden bei einer Exkursion ins SchortetalTU Ilmenau

How the Buddy Program Works

For students who want to support newcomers


For newcomers who need assistance

Fill out and submit this registration form:
form for supporters.


Fill out and submit this registration form:
Form for newcomers



Forming Buddy Pairs
We will form buddy pairs and take your requests into consideration as much as we can.


After we have found a buddy for you, you will receive an email from us. This will be about 4 weeks before the semester starts.


Contacting your newcomer
You contact your newcomer and discuss all the important details about arrival and starting your studies.

Very important
If you have agreed with your newcomer that you will pick up the apartment key, then please point out not to assign any other persons to do so in order to avoid chaos and upsets at the Studierendenwerk.


Contact through your buddy
Yourbuddy will contact you and clarify all important details regarding your arrival and the start of your studies.

Very important
You should only let one person organize your arrival. If your buddy gets a room key for you, please do not send other people. This is no fun and results in chaos.


Beginning of semester meeting
At the beginning of the new semester we want to organize a buddy meeting, if the corona situation allows it. There you can meet other students, buddies and we4you tutors. You will also get information about we4you events and excursions.

Questionnaire at the end of the semester
Please fill in our questionnaire at the end of the semester. Did the program work for you? Did it help you? Then help us now to improve the program.


If there are any problems, if your buddy doesn't get in touch or never seems to have time, please contact us. We are happy to help, but we need to know the problem.

If you have any questions about the buddy program, please contact We only accept registrations via our registration forms.