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Erasmus+ Grant



1. approved mission application for the international mission

2. work programme (daily)

All activities abroad must be related to the objectives of the Erasmus+ programme (internationalisation of the university) in terms of content and represent for you personally an advanced and further training course in accordance with your work task at the TU Ilmenau. Please also bear in mind that, depending on the target country, you should have appropriate language skills.

Multiple participation is possible.

Financial Support

Financial Support

Via Erasmus+ STT you will receive:

  • Subsidy for accommodation costs (between €100 and €160 per day)
  • Travel allowance (180 €, 275 €)

The subsidy for accommodation costs is based on the different cost of living in the target countries. There are different daily rates for different groups of countries. The amount of the travel allowance depends on the actual distances between the place of departure and the place of destination, which are determined uniformly throughout Europe.

All subsidies are paid as a lump sum. The International Office will inform you about the exact amount. Special grants for disabled persons are possible. Course fees for language courses as well as participation fees for Staff Training Weeks are NOT extra subsidized.

The duration of the stay is usually 5 working days on site according to the work programme, in exceptional cases also less.

The contract must be concluded before the start of the stay and will be implemented exclusively by the International Office. Unfortunately, individual agreements with the host institution cannot be considered financially.

Special funding

Funding for severely disabled persons (from GdB 50) (special application must be submitted to the NA DAAD at least 2 months before the start of the mobility)

DAAD- Special funding for disabled staff / teachers

Please clarify the details in advance in an individual consultation.



There is no insurance cover associated with an Erasmus+ mobility grant. You are responsible for organising and financing adequate insurance cover (health, accident and liability insurance).





Coordinator: Petra Schmolinsky

International Office

14, Max-Planck-Ring, building G, room 1310

Phone: +49 3677 69-2521


Enquiries and applications are always possible. We will advise you individually according to your personal and professional situation on the existing possibilities for funding. If required, we will support you in your search for a host institution abroad (university or company).