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International Certificate

What does the International Certificate mean?

Upgrading studies with a semester abroad has become a matter of course for many people. It not only proves that one is independent, autonomous and courageous, but also that one returns open-minded, flexible and with intercultural communication experience and that you can quickly integrate into different working and living styles and contents.

By awarding the International Certificate, the TU Ilmenau would like to emphasize how essential international experience is for studying and training.

The International Certificate serves as a summary of achievements, competencies and commitment during your studies in an international and intercultural context and is therefore a compact proof for corresponding activities.

The IC obtains a special status because it is exclusively handed out by the international office as an additional offer with the context of the study at the TU Ilmenau. It is commissioned by the rector of the TU Ilmenau.

Any student of the TU Ilmenau enrolled in full studies has the opportunity to obtain this certificate. Students who are no longer enrolled can apply for the IC for a period of up to 2 years after completing their studies.

The IC is primarily designed for German students to support their international mobility. International students can also obtain the IC if the relevant requirements are met.

Become internationally active +++ collect enough points and gain the IC +++ enhance your CV in a meaningful way!

What does the International Certificate include?

Evidence for international activities can be provided within 4 categories (see Scoring System). All activities must have taken place during the studies at the TU Ilmenau.

Verification documents can only be submitted once or in one of the categories.

Part 1: Stays Abroad

In addition to a semester abroad and internships, the category stays abroad also includes for example research stays, study trips, summer schools and conference participation. Research stays are accepted from a duration of 3 weeks. A maximum of 3 conference trips can be accepted.

The International Certificate of the TU Ilmenau only accepts stays that have not been completed in your home country. They are recognised within the framework of international mobility in accordance with the proofs presented (e.g. certificate of enrolment from the host university, transcript of records). Letters of invitation are not accepted as proof of stay.

This category must have been fulfilled and the stay abroad must have taken place in order to be able to start with the verification management in the database.

Part 2: Language Skills

Language skills can be acquired through language training in Germany, abroad or online. Language tests and certificates such as TOEFL can also be submitted.

Proof of language skills has to be provided by presenting appropriate competency certificates. All language certificates completed during the course of study are accepted. If applicants have more than one native language, they must present a certificate (e.g. DAAD language certificate) of an additional language competence (not a native language). For all proofs, in which the level is not per se recognizable, this must be indicated.

Part 3: International Competence

This means the acquisition of intercultural experiences. These can be acquired in seminars, speeches or lectures, projects or similar events. The acquisition of competences with international relevance must be proven, for example, by participation in extra-curricular seminars, lectures and events such as "Knigge International [only available in German]" or the AMS programme. Language tandems are subject to a case-by-case examination in the AAA.

Part 4: International Commitment

This category means additional commitment beyond the "normal" course of study. Intercultural and thus international commitment can only be proven by submitting confirmations of the engagement from the responsible bodies (organisations, clubs, associations, etc.). The mere specification of alleged jobs or organizational activities is not sufficient for recognition in this category.

What are the requirements to obtain the International Certificate?

If at least 50 points have been collected in at least 3 of the 4 categories, the applicant will be awarded the International Certificate of the TU Ilmenau. Category 1 is mandatory and must be fulfilled. Only if this is the case, the verification process is started through our database. You can have a look at the scoring system here.

If you are not sure whether your evaluation is already sufficient, please contact us beforehand.

Each applicant is personally responsible for regularly updating his data. The International Office decides on the final awarding of the IC.

How can I apply for the International Certificate?

The International Office of the TU Ilmenau is responsible for issuing the certificate. For all positions listed verification documents must be uploaded to the portal as well as presented in the original form to the respective editor at the International Office of the TU Ilmenau.

The allocation of points is the task of the person responsible in the AAA.

Category 1 + 2: Mrs. Schmolinsky / Mrs. Wedekind (AAA)

Category 3 + 4: Mr. Fischer / Mrs. Gonzalez / Mrs. Rau (we4you)

Please start your application after you have fulfilled a category 1, i.e. after your stay abroad.

Proof can be provided for a maximum of 1 year after completion of studies at the TU Ilmenau. All applicants are required to regularly update their access data in the Mobility Online Database. If you have already registered with Mobility-Online (e.g. as part of a scholarship application), please always use this access!

Instructions for obtaining the International Certificates [only available in German]

Access to the Online Access Mobility-Online