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International Partner Universities of TU Ilmenau

Numerous partnerships with foreign universities allow students of Ilmenau to spend part of their studies there.

The successful student exchange is regulated by contracts between universities. These can be arranged at the following levels:

Rector Level

Contracts of this type define the exchange between the partner universities for the entire university level. Most of our university contracts define student exchanges, among other things. For more details, please contact the respective contact person or your International Office.

Please submit your application to a partner university via the International Office. We recommend to make an appointment in advance.

Faculty Level

This kind of contracts define the exchange between the partner universities at the level of a respective faculty and individual subject areas in particular. 
The student exchange is not necessarily defined. Details of possible exchanges can be obtained from the respective contact person or from your International Office.

Institute Level

Contracts of this type define the exchange between the partner universities at the level of an institute and the respective subject areas involved.
The student exchange is not necessarily defined. Details of possible exchanges can be obtained from the respective contact person or from your International Office.

Study Abroad Places at Partner Universities

Application Procedure

Students at the TU Ilmenau can apply to the International Office for a place at a university within the framework of university partnerships.

Before submitting your application, please contact the International Office in order to discuss specifics for the respective institution.

Under the link University Partnerships [partially only available in German] you will find all universities with which TU Ilmenau cooperates worldwide on a contractual level. You can search the file for faculties and study programmes.

Nevertheless, some enquiries must always be made in consultation with the partner university. The conditions are set by the respective universities. The TU Ilmenau cannot ignore this decision in the event of a final rejection of an applicant by the partner university.

A few universities offer us only a few free or reduced tuition-fee places. A list can be found here. For further information, please contact the International Office.

Enrollment and Application Papers

Two application deadlines for the respective semester are available at the host institution each year. It counts the time, which mainly takes place in a semester comparable here.

Application period for the winter semester 21/22: 16 June 2020 to 15 January 2021Application period for the SoSe 22: 16 January 2021 to 15 June 2021

Please register in the Mobility-Online-Database  before submitting all application documents and follow the instructions of the program.

The following documents must be submitted with your online-application:

  • Application form signed by hand (generated from the portal)
  • 1 - 3. specify the request, so that in case of refusal a second or third request can be made
  • tabular curriculum vitae
  • Letter of motivation incl. presentation of the study project
  • Proof of current language skills: Proof of the language level in the teaching language relevant to the host university must be provided. Language certificates are usually valid for a maximum of 2 years, after which a current proof must be submitted. Proof of language level can be provided via the DAAD Language Certificate. The language institute will be happy to help you with this.
    If you are not sure which language of instruction will be relevant for your chosen host institution, please contact the International Office.
  • If applicable, proof of the graduate level (e.g. copy of Bachelor's degree certificate)
  • current overview of achievements (transcript of records)
  • current certificate of enrolment

Eligibility Requirements

Candidates are selected on the basis of these criteria:

a) the selected partner institution has an agreement on university´s level with the TU Ilmenau (see list)

b) the student / applicant will stay at this partner institution for partial studies (Exchange Student - Status)

c) study relevant achievements are recognized within the scope of the studies here;
other subjects can also be taken if
   1. the host institution agrees AND
   2. the responsible examination office recognises these achievements; however, in addition to applicants with equal aptitude and selection of courses relevant to the subject, they are treated as subordinated.

d) the applicant has the appropriate language requirements in the language of instruction required at the host institution; knowledge of the national language is an advantage

e) the selection is made on the basis of the average grade, motivation, language level, fulfilment of the recognition requirements and university/university commitment = overall picture of the student

Once the candidates have been selected, the International Office will nominate them to the relevant universities within the framework of the university partnership. You will be guided through the application process through our database.

For further information please contact Corinna Wedekind.

Special Conditions for New Students in a Master's Programme with a BA Degree from an External Institution

For new Master students who have demonstrably completed their Bachelor's degree at another institution than TU Ilmenau, it is now possible to apply for a free-of-charge/reduced place at a partner institution by October 17 or April 17 of the current semester at the latest for the following semester.

The following requirements must be fulfilled:

  1. You are verifiably in the 1st master semester (certificate of matriculation).
  2. You have completed your Bachelor's degree at another institution than TU Ilmenau
  3. The application deadline at the host institution is at least 14 days after the relevant deadline (please make sure you search for a consultation at your international office).
  4. You agree to our underlying privacy policy

Please submit your documents with a paper clip or by e-mail to Corinna Wedekind or to internationaloffice[at]

Please enclose the following documents:

University Partnerships on Rectors Level

In the following table you can find all partner universities of TU Ilmenau on rectors level.

They are organized by continent and country. You can search for study programme and faculty.

Please, click here for result. [only available in German]

Current offers with limited places

The International Office has limited offers from the following partner universities for study visits within the framework of partnership relations:

limited exchange possibilities

partner university

university´s name

Semester key data

Number of seats
per semester/per academic year


Universidad Tecnológica Nacional



on request

Spanish B2

Universidade de Brasília

Febr/March -

Aug - Dec

4 per academic year

Portuguese B2

Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, UFMG

Febr/March - July

Aug - Dec

6 per academic year

Portuguese B2

Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, UFSC

March - July

Aug - Dec

4 per academic year

Portuguese B2

Universidade Regional de Blumenau, FURB

Febr - July

July - December

4-6 per semester


Portuguese B2

English: selected courses in Marketing, Economics, Business 

Universidade Federal da Bahia

4 per academic year

Portuguese B2

Northeastern University, Shenyang

more information here

4 per academic year

only by the 1st application deadline (January) for the following academic year

BA: only Chinese,
C1-Level (HSK 5)

MA: only selected courses
Fächer in English

Tianjin University, Tianjing


fall semester: Aug to Jan

spring semester: Febr to July

6 per academic year


for Chinese programmes
only with Chinese-
Language certificate

Tongji University, Shanghai

Febr/Mrch - July

September - January

4 per academic year

English not less than B2

in Economic subjects with TOEFL
not less than 550

National Yunlin University of Science & Technology (YunTech), Taiwan

1st: Sept - Jan

2nd: Febr - Jun 

4 per academic year

English C1

Indien Institute of Technology, Madras

mid July-beginning of December

mid January - mid May

4 per semester

not less than B2/C1

Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati

end of December - May

end of July - beginning of December

4 per academic year

Myongji University, Seoul


September - mid December

March - mid June

June/July and August

5 in bachelor's level

1 master's level

Universidad de Guadalajara

Jan - May

Aug - Dec

4 per academic year




Pontificía Universidad Católica del Perú, Lima

March - July


4 per semester


intermediate level
Spanish B2

National Research University: Moscow Power Engineering Institute


on demand / on request

Russian B2

National University of Science & Technology, Moscow

Sept - Jan

Febr - June

2 per academic year

only master courses available in English


Tomsk Polytechnic University

on demand / on request

Englisch mind. B2
Russisch Basics

South Russian State Technical University, Novotscherkassk

on demand / on request

Russia B2

ITMO University, St. Petersburg

September - January

February - June

5 per academic year

only in master's level

English not less than B1
Russia basics


Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

more information here

 September- February


max. 5 per semester



not less than B1/B2


Ateneo de Manila University

more information here

January - May

August - Dezember

1 per academic year (tuition-free)

English not less than B2

Universidad Nacional de Colombia

max. 5 per faculty and semester

Spanish B2

University of Central Florida, Orlando

Jan - May

Aug - Dec

on demand / on request

actually no study places available 

communication sciences
or engineering sciences

IELTS 6.5 

For further information please contact Frau Franziska Rau.