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TUILM-Cloud Service

The service "TU Ilmenau Cloud" is used to exchange files both within the TU Ilmenau and with external persons and is based on the open source software Nextcloud.

Students and staff automatically receive 10 GB of storage space, structural units on request 250 GB. This storage is provided by the UniRZ, which ensures privacy and data security.

Please note the "Terms of service and privacy policy".

To access, please log-in with the university account via The default language is set to German, to change it to English please log-in, click the gear icon in the upper right corner, "Einstellungen" and use the drop-down below "Sprache" to change it to "Englisch (US)".

A detailed description can be found in the Nextcloud user manual. Because Nextcloud is modular, some of the features described in the online manual may not be available or some of the features are not described in the manual.

Store and stream videos

Please do not use Nextcloud to store videos for streaming.

Nextcloud simply passes files through 1: 1, can neither split them into individual segments for streaming, nor dynamically adapt the resolution to the player or convert the format.
In addition, video playback negatively affects the performance of the servers due to the long-held connections.

However, there is already a solution to all of these problems: Use the OpenCast platform for streaming videos. The video streaming platform integrated in Moodle avoids all the disadvantages mentioned above. This video explains how to use Opencast to setup opencast videos in Moodle (the only disadvantage: after uploading the video is not immediately available because the optimized output formats have to be created in the background first).


  • manage files and folders
    • via Internet browser, WebDAV or client (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS)
    • share files and folders with other users or via a link
    • create an upload folder to enable an upload via link
    • search for file names
    • edit text files and markdown files directly
  • display of activities
  • calendar
    • calendars can be shared and used together
    •  integration into external programs via CalDAV
  • nextcloud talk: chat, audio- and videoconferencing
  • manage tasks, contacts, notes, photos, kanban-boards, mindmaps
  • security
    • all file services are provided by the UniRZ, no external storage
    • optional 2-factor authentication
    • optional use of separate log-in data for different devices



For the use of the service no separate application is required. The cloud access is linked to the term of the university account. The first login creates a corresponding account in Nextcloud. Upon expiration of the university account the Nextcloud account (and all stored data) will be automatically deleted.

For the first login please use username and password of the university account. In the personal settings you can create your own access data for different devices (see manual).

Access via browser

Access via the Internet browser offers full access to all features compared to other types of access. Go to the URL Log-in takes with the data of your university account (username and password).

Access via WEBDAV

In addition to access via the web interface, it is also possible to access the files and folders via the WebDAV protocol. It is only possible to access the files themselves via a suitable program or directly via the file manager of the operating system. Other functions, such as sharing, are not possible.

Attention: The Windows-integrated WebDAV client ("connect network drive") is faulty and slow. If you are using Windows please use the Nextcloud Desktop Client or an alternative WebDAV client.

To access please enter the following URL:
Afterwards you will be asked to enter username and password.

For Linux it may be necessary to replace the "https:" with a "davs:" (Gnome) or "webdavs:" (KDE), or specify the username in the URL (davs: // <USERNAME> @

Access via desktop client

The Desktop Client is used to synchronize local folders with folders in Nextcloud. There is a local copy of the files. When files are edited locally, the Nextcloud client updates them the next time it contacts the server after the files are closed. At the same time, changed files are downloaded from the server and a local copy is created. The synchronization takes place in the background and can be paused if necessary.

The client can be downloaded for different platforms at

After the installation the server address as well as user name and password must be entered. You can then choose which folders to sync, set size limits, and choose the local folder to sync.

Access via mobile device

To access the service on Android, iOS and Windows Mobile, the appropriate clients can be downloaded from the App Store or at

After the installation the server address as well as user name and password must be entered.

Terms of Service and privacy policy

Terms of Service and privacy policy is available in German only here.

Storage quota

Students and staff

Students and staff receive a storage space of 20 GB free of charge.

FAQ / known problems


  • When will notifications be sent by email?
    Everyone can choose in the settings, how often he wants to receive notifications by mail. Default is "daily". This means that it can take up to 24 hours after the sharing of a folder to another TU user until he receives a notification via e-mail (of course, he can access the shared folder immediately, regardless of the e-mail, if he logs in or uses the client )
  • Whats the maximum length of file names?
    File names can not be longer than 225 characters (255 characters is the limit of the file system minus 30 characters that Nextcloud appends during the upload)
  • Desktop Client: Synchronize only selected folder (excluding files from the "/" folder)
    When setting up the client after logging in, skip the step "Setting local directory options" using the "skip folder configuration" button). Then set up the folder using "add folder synchronization", while selecting the appropriate subfolder.


  • Some icons are missing (compared to the manual) or are not clickable
    Please deactivate your ad blocker for For example, the Firefox plugin "uBlock Origin" is known to block icons and features of Nextcloud.
  • Re-Sharing of calendars
    Calendars can currently only be shared with others by the creator; Re-Sharing is not possible (although the name input field is displayed).

Detailed information (in German), such as current changes, already announced change requests, etc. can be found directly in Nextcloud. Join the circle "TU Ilmenau Cloud Documentation".