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Dr. rer. nat. Martin Aumüller

Martin Aumüller doesn't work at TU Ilmenau anymore. His new webpage can be found here. This webpage is no longer updated.


Phone: +49 3677 694112
Office: Zusebau, Room 1057
Office Hours: By appointment (please contact me via mail)



Teaching materials are available at the German version of this page.


 Journal Publications:

  1. Optimal Partitioning for Dual-Pivot Quicksort; Aumüller, Martin; Dietzfelbinger, Martin; ACM Transactions on Algorithms, to appear.
  2. Explicit and Efficient Hash Families Suffice for Cuckoo Hashing with a Stash; Aumüller, Martin; Dietzfelbinger, Martin; Woelfel, Philipp; Algorithmica (70), Springer (2014)

 Conference Publications:

  1. Optimal Partitioning for Dual Pivot Quicksort; Aumüller, Martin; Dietzfelbinger, Martin. In: ICALP 2013: Springer (2013), P. 33-44. [Slides
    Technical Report: Arxiv
  2. Explicit and Efficient Hash Families Suffice for Cuckoo Hashing with a Stash; Aumüller, Martin; Dietzfelbinger, Martin; Woelfel, Philipp. In: ESA 2012: Springer (2012), P. 108-120. [Slides]
  3. Experimental variations of a theoretically good retrieval data structure; Aumüller, Martin; Dietzfelbinger, Martin; Rink, Michael - In: ESA 2009: Springer (2009), P. 742-751 


  1. Cuckoo Hashing with  a Stash: Alternative Analysis, Simple Hash Functions, 60. Theorietag der Fachgruppe Algorithmen und Komplexität, Kiel, Germany, June 2010.
  2. Strong Randomness Properties of (Hyper-)Graphs Generated by Simple Hash Functions, Institutsseminar der Theoretischen Informatik, Ilmenau, December 2011.


  1. On the Analysis of Two Randomized Algorithms: Multi-Pivot Quicksort and Efficient Hash Functions, Dissertation, TU Ilmenau, June 2015.
  2. An Alternative Analysis of Cuckoo Hashing with a Stash and Realistic Hash Functions, Diploma Thesis, TU Ilmenau, March 2010.