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Lighting engineering

Main research areas

Psycho-physiological studies on the effect of lighting in interior and exterior space
(for Street and interior illumination with LED

Quality characteristics of lighting

Studies on the dynamic color lighting effects to humans

Color Rendering with various spectra (fluorescent Lamp, LED)

adaptive street lighting

Visibilitymetrie under difficult conditions (smoke and fog situations, visual impairment)

Spatially resolved measurement and evaluation of light-reflecting materials (retro-reflection, luminaires)

Imaging Luminance Measurement Devices (Goniophotometer, measurement of glare parameters)

measuring detection of biological effects of light

Light technically optimized for displaying image information (screens, projectors)

Range of services

Subjective evaluation of lighting systems

Measurement of lamp and luminaires (light distribution curve, luminous flux, efficiencies)

Measurement of spectral distributions (UV, IR, visible region)

Determination of spectral sensitivities

measurement of material properties (reflection und transmission, retro-reflection)

colour measurement

Special equipment

Imaging Luminance Measurement Devices

Spatially resolved goniophotometer for measurement in the near and far field

spectral Measurement (UV, IR, visible region)

colour measurement

infrared camera


Prof. Dr. sc. nat. Christoph Schierz TU Ilmenau Department of Mechanical Engineering Prof.-Schmidt-Straße 26 Helios-Anbau, Raum 2219 98693 Ilmenau Phone +49 3677 69-3732 Fax +49 3677 69-3733

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