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8th Elgersburg School 2016 (February 28 - March 5, 2016)

The school is on two topics of current interest in the field of systems and control theory and its applications. Each topic is presented by a leading expert in the field. In addition to the lectures there will be example classes. Participants will attend both courses.

Who can attend?
The school is open to international PhD and advanced undergraduate students from engineering sciences or mathematics. A background in systems and control theory or related fields will be required.

A limited number of scholarships will be available. These scholarships will in general cover the full travel and lodging expenses. Because of the restricted number of such scholarships, we ask that students preferentially use funds available at their home institutions.

Participants will attend both courses.

Arrival:      Sunday,  February 28
Departure: Saturday, March 5


Deadline for applications:   December 31, 2015
Please make sure that Achim Ilchmann receives a CV from the applicant and
a  short letter of recommondation from the supervisor, both by email.


The workshop takes place in the Hotel "Am Wald" in Elgersburg (Thuringia).

The cost for the hotel including full board (evening February 28) is EUR 410,- for a single room and EUR 510,- for a double room per person.

The costs will be covered for participants receiving scholarships.

More detailed information about the hotel and about Elgersburg can be found at the following web pages:

"Hotel am Wald" Elgersburg



Bjoern Baran
MPI  Magdeburg, GER
Simon BeckerFU Berlin, GER
Majid DarehmirakiMashhad, Iran
Simon Densborn 
U  Stuttgart, GER
Andreas DeutschmannTU Wien, AU
Pedro FrancoUn Autonoma Metropolitana - Cuajimalpa, Mexico
Nataliia GorbanU  Kyiv, Ukraine
Frédéric HallerU Hamburg, GER
Le Huy HoangU Hamburg, GER
Anastasiia KarasU  Kyiv, Ukraine
Alexander KeckU Stuttgart, GER
Olha KhomenkoU  Kyiv, Ukraine
Arash MassoudiU Hamburg, GER
Liliia PaliichukU  Kyiv, Ukraine
Simon Pirkelmann
U Bayreuth
Olaf RendelU Hamburg, GER
Iryna Romaniuk
U  Kyiv, Ukraine
Kateryna Sapozhnikova FH Erfurt, GER
Felix Schwenninger 
U Wuppertal, GER
Daniel SeitzU Stuttgart, GER
Eugene Strakhov Mechnikov National U, Ukraine
Raja VadamaluTU Darmstadt, GER
Julian WannerU  Stuttgart, GER


  • Pierre Rouchon
    (Mines ParisTech)

  • Thomas Meurer
    (U Kiel)



  • Alain Sarlette
    (Mines ParisTech)

  • Alexander Schaum
    (U Kiel)


Achim Ilchmann 
  (TU Ilmenau)

Timo Reis
  (U Hamburg)

Fabian Wirth
  (Universität Passau)








P. Rouchon

Quantum Control

T. Meurer

Control of PDEs

P. Rouchon

Quantum Control

T. Meurer

Control of PDEs

P. Rouchon

Quantum Control

10:00Coffee & Tea

T. Meurer

Control of PDEs

P. Rouchon

Quantum Control

T. Meurer 

Control of PDEs

P. Rouchon

Quantum Control

T. Meurer

Control of PDEs

14:30Work on ex. sheet QCWork on ex. sheet C PDEsC

Maria  Stürzebecher (Erfurt): „Jewish Culture in Medieval Times“

Work on ex. sheet PDEsWork on ex. sheet QC
15:45Discussion ex. sheet QCDiscussion ex. sheet PDEs

Alte Synagoge in Erfurt
(guided tour)

Discussion ex. sheet PDEsDiscussion ex. sheet QC
16:45Coffee & TeaCoffee & Tea
17:15Work on ex. sheet  PDEsWork on ex. sheet QCWork on ex. sheet QCWork on ex. sheet  PDEs
18:30Discussion ex. sheet  PDEsDiscussion ex. sheet QCDiscussion ex. sheet QCDiscussion ex. sheet  PDEs


Confirmation notice
The number of participants is strictly limited to 40 due to the size of the workshop hotel. If more than 40 registrations are received, the organizers will rank registrations according to expertise in systems and control and invite the first 40 of this list. Confirmation notices will be sent out before ...

  • A CV of the applicant is required and an e-mail of the supervisor is required including
  • Recommendation of the applicant for the summer school.
  • Declaration whether the applicant needs financial support.
  • A statement whether the applicant would be able to come if no financial support can be provided.

Please send this e-mail to Achim Ilchmann


Elgersburg can be reached via local trains from Erfurt, which is connected to the German high speed train network.

Trains from Erfurt to Elgersburg (destination Ilmenau) run every hour.

The nearest airport is Leipzig, which has few international connections.

From the major airports in Frankfurt and Berlin, Erfurt can be reached by train in 2-3 hours.

Frankfurt has the advantage, that there are direct trains between the airport and Erfurt.