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Course descriptions of mathematical application subjects

The following modules are built on the foundations already held and computer science courses and provide the link between basic, applied mathematics and computer science. At the same time in these modules in Applied Mathematics treats each specific classes of basic mathematical models for practical tasks. In this way the student learns to hide the basic mathematical questions are already beyond simple problems of practice, as detected with the accompanying mathematical theories, certain (but not all) features of these models and what can be supplied if necessary, by appropriate numerical methods specific tasks to be addressed. Here, both standard as well as innovative proprietary algorithms are used.

Application of mathematical subjects

Application of mathematical subjects
SubjectSemesterLectureSeminarPractical OR and optimization lin231
Nonlinear Optimization522
Imp. in discrete mathematics421
Graphs and Algorithms521
Numerical Mathematics 1321
Numerical Mathematics 24211
Numerical Mathematics 3
Mathematical Statistics521
Applied Analysis521