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Master's degree Mathematics

Courses of studies

Mathematics and Business Mathematics

Modules and points of achievement (CP) for both courses of studies

Subject / ModuleCP
Seminar (Business Mathematics**/Applied Mathematics*)2
Partial differential equation* (Only for Applied Mathematics)5
2 Optional courses16
3 Optional courses12
Stochastic Processes5
Mathematics Electives20
Computer science11
Economics Application ** (Only for Business Mathematics)20
Partial Differential Equations* (Only for Applied Mathematics)5
Technical Application * (Only for Applied Mathematics)15
Master thesis and colloquium30


In the first two events recess shall be selected from the recess areas of applied mathematics, and business mathematics. The second recess comprises also two events of another recess area. The first optional course must be selected from the first recess area. This event is another math elective for any specialization area. The Mathematics electives usually include two events and a seminar from the appropriate subject available. Depending on the direction of either the study with an * (Applied Mathematics), or are covered with ** (Industrial Mathematics) marked modules.