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Multi Degree-of-Freedom (DoF) Damper

The majority of mechanical systems which require damping exhibit more than one direction of motion. The technical opportunities delivered by electro- and magnetorheological fluids shall be utilised to create a semi-active adjustable, multidimensional damper element, which is able to provide targeted damping forces in more than one direction of motion. Therefore mechanisms that have proven to be suitable for conventional unidirectional dampers provide the basis to develop fluid-mechanical concepts that can provide independent dissipation in more than one direction of motion. The most promising of these elaborated concepts will be worked out in detail by appropriate models, constructed and implemented in an exemplary vibration system. Through model based analysis and experiments the functional capabilities of the new multi-DOF damper will be demonstrated. By means of novel mechanisms that offer independent adjustability of dissipation in several directions of motion, integrated into one self-contained machine element, it will be possible to exert more aimed influence in vibration damping. Incorporating the functionality of multiple single-DOF dampers into one compact machine element additionally leads to a reduction of weight and costs. The complex and time consuming design task of installing several single-DOF dampers at a suitable position can be simplified to placing only one multi-DOF damper.

SPP 1897:  Calm, Smooth and Smart - Novel Approaches for Influencing Vibrations by Means of Deliberately Introduced Dissipation"


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