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HiWi Requirement April 2020

TU Ilmenau has joined the EU Interreg project CerDee on May 1, 2019. Our Media and Communication Dept. will develop a web platform called “Ceramics in Europe” based on WordPress for CerDee target groups.

We need a student assistant who will work on our WordPress website. Someone who has minimum knowledge and experience and most of all, interest in working for the platform. The tasks will be online based with flexible schedules.

To know more about the project visit

Required Skills

  1. Good knowledge of WordPress, template usage, plug-in integration.
  2. Efficient database development with MySQL.
  3. Adequate knowledge of HTML5, PHP, CSS3, and JavaScript.
  4. Have a good level of spoken and written English

The job role begins from May 2020.


The radical and continuous change of media and communication technologies reshapes media markets and opens up new intersectoral opportunities and challenges for research and business. The Media and Communication Management Group has committed itself to analyzing these dynamics, identifying future trends, and providing recommendations on practical issues.

Based on our research we prepare our students for their professional life as well as for further scientific work in media and communication management. We give advice to organizations concerning media and communication and provide for orientation, better understanding and functional skills.

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