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CerDee – Creative entrepreneurship in ceramic regions – developing, educating, encouraging

In partnership with 7 Central European institutions from 6 countries, Technische Universität Ilmenau has joined EU Interreg project CerDee on May 1, 2019. During three years, the project aims to network leading knowledge institutions, museums, educational institutions and creative workers as well as medium-sized ceramic and porcelain-related companies in Europe over the next three years. The key objective of CerDee is to develop cooperative and EU-wide applicable training and outreach activities for boosting entrepreneurial skills.

Under leadership of Prof. Dr. Andreas Will (project leader) and Nigar Zahan (project manager), Media and Communication Management Group has joined the project for strategic planning of public relations and external communication as key contributions. In collaboration with project partners, Technische Universität Ilmenau will develop a web platform for CerDee target group as a hub for knowledge sharing.

CerDee project is co-financed in the framework of the INTERREG V-B Central Europe Cooperation Programme from the European Regional Development Fund (80%).

To know more about partners and project progress visit the project website

Contact: Nigar Zahan (

Entrepreneurship Education Monitor 2018

For German universities and colleges topics such as entrepreneurial thinking and skills are becoming increasingly important. There are professorships with corresponding focal points as well as sufficient contact points and funding opportunities for those interested in setting up a business.There is potential for innovative start-ups above all in the technical and scientific disciplines. Until now it was not known to what extent universities and colleges already integrate content related to entrepreneurship into the education of students within the MINT disciplines.

In order to answer this question, a team of scientists from the Institute of Media and Communication Science at the Technical University of Ilmenau, headed by Prof. Dr. Andreas Will and Britta Gossel, conducted a comprehensive document analysis. They analysed 2220 digital course documents available of a total of 1361 MINT courses at 58 universities in Berlin, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia were analysed.

More information as well as all results can be retrieved and downloaded from the project website (in German language):

Project management: Prof. Andreas Will, Britta Gossel


Since July 2016 the Media and Communication Management Group has been a partner in the project QUALITEACH. The project is being implemented within the quality initiative in teacher training at the University of Erfurt financed by the German Federal Ministery of Education and Research (BMBF). In the subproject "Competence and Development Center for Inclusion in the Teacher Training", an interdisciplinary team out of members from different disciplines (e. g. special education, educational science, educational psychology and media management) is working out a concept for the integration of inclusive topics into teacher training at the University of Erfurt. The Media and Communication Management Group is responsible for developing an e-learning environment for the project.

More information:

Ceramics and its dimensions

Ceramics and its Dimensions is an EU project encompassing all facets of ceramics, bringing museums, universities, and research institutes together to provide an integral view of ceramics past, present and future. The media and communication management group is responsible for the internal as well as external project communication and evaluation.

More information:


Students work on various projects in the course project management. The results are presented within a professional surrounding. The aim of this event is to strengthen the collaboration between students of Applied Media Studies and employers and to bridge the gap between university and practice.



Children's University Ilmenau

Professors from Ilmenau University of Technology take up the challenge to explain some of the worlds mysteries. In exciting lectures pupils from eight to twelve years go on a tour through the world of modern sciences and marvel at fascinating experiments. The experience is completed by other student typical activities. To gain an insight into all aspects of a student's life the young pupils for example get their own student ID's and stop at the local canteen. After an eventful day and with some interesting new knowledge in mind the pupils return home - following the slogan "Ilmenau macht Kinder schlau!".

Further information:

auftakt. Das Gruenderforum Ilmenau

Starting something new! An idea always creates something new. And it also could be the begin for starting an own business. auftakt. Das Gruenderforum Ilmenau wants to support entrepreneurs in this early stage.

auftakt. strives for bundling and thereby strengthen the support of entrepreneurs at the University of Technology Ilmenau by realizing a coordinated and comprehensive support. In this way the entrepreneurial potential of the University of Technology Ilmenau gets completely released.

The Media and Communication Management Group is co-initiator and active supporter of this initiative, whose existence and operation are close to our hearts.

Further information: (available in German only)

Volkswagen and New Media

Logo: © VW

The project's main objective was to enlarge internal work processes within the field of new media. It was concentrated on integrating web 2.0 applications into daily work and furthermore on providing research on web 3.0 technologies. Students of AMW got the chance to elaborate on current research questions together with employees of Europe's largest car manufacturer.

Virtual Solar Biker

In cooperation with the Solardorf Kettmannshausen and the TCC Medienwerkstatt (Zella-Mehlis) the virtual children's laboratory "Professor Solarius" is beeing developed, tested and provided for German-speaking countries. The project is promoted by the initiative „Ein Netz für Kinder“. With that an important teaching software for media education for children from classes three to six that explains scientific and technical aspects of renewable sources of energy based on an exploratory approach is developed. As a first experiment the 500 times successfully tested real "SolarBiker" is mounted and used for further virtual experiments.

Virtual Solar Biker (Kopie 1)

The project VerPEL aimed at setting up a network of Thuringian research institutions, educational institutions and companies. The first concrete target was to communicate physical, economic as well as ecological aspects within the context of renewable energy via a didactic learning platform with virtual elements. The project was funded by the 'Thüringer Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Technologie und Arbeit' by means of the European Social Fund.

Contact: Dr. Daniel Schultheiss

Media Forum Ilmenau

Know speakers from science and practice discuss current issues of media research at the Media Forum in Ilmenau. Furthermore specific research projects from Ilmenau University of Technology and media services from student associations are presented.

In the year 2006 participants activly discussed the topic "Explosive Power Digitalisation - Change in the World of the Media". In 2008 the "Individualised Usage of the Media" was focussed. The Media Forum 2010 is eagerly anticipated.

Further information:

Annual Conference of the German Communication Association (DGPuK)

What impact do media innovations have on our society? This question was focussed during the 55th annual conference of the German Communication Association (DGPuK) in Ilmenau 2010. The conference was organised by the Institute of Media and Communication Science with the Department of Empirical Media Research/ Political Communication and the Media and Communication Management Group responsible.

Media Talk

The idea behind the Media Talk event is to get students and graduates from Ilmenau Media Studies (Applied Media Studies, Media Technology, Media Business) in contact with each other to give an insight into practical work and prospective working branches.

Further information:

Kinder-Kult Fair

The Kinder-Kult Fair has been established as a Germany-wide event highlight with focus on free time and media aspects.

Project, action and experience areas with sports, fun and games, with theater, dance and experiments, with broadcast, movie, online and computer games fascinate the young visitors and their companions.

Many of those different free time offerings help to attempt and deepen skills and knowledge and to arouse curiosity among the visitors.

Further information:

Young Entrepreneurship Research Colloquium

The Young Entrepreneurship Research Colloquium (YERC) is an event particularly for young academics on the field of entrepreneurship research. True to the motto "Entrepreneurship Research. Discussing today the awareness of tomorrow", aspiring researchers on their way to doctorate, habilitation or professorship are invited to present results of their current research projects and discuss them with the audience. The YERC has deliberately been designed to set itself apart from rather conservative conference-formats.

Further Information: Call for Papers


Britta M. Gossel (Hrsg.) 2013: Entrepreneurship Research – Discussing Today the Awareness of Tomorrow. YERC 2012 Young Entrepreneurship Research Colloquium, Ilmenau, 20. - 21. Oktober 2012. Univ.-Verl. Ilmenau, 2013. - 162S. ISBN: 978-3-86360-072-3.


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